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”We seal the World- For more than 50 Years”

The team at Bode GmbH has been developing and producing sealing systems for building services and civil engineering for more than 50 years.

We believe it is important to not only develop the perfect geometry for your application, but also to ensure the envisaged system service life cycle by selecting the suitable elastomeric compound.

We develop the perfect compound for your application and produce it in our very own compounding plant in line with our stringent quality standards.  

Whether in injection moulding, compression moulding or extrusion, our Product Development and Process Engineering teams will always find the ideal solution for manufacturing your products.


Our core competences are in the following fields of production:

Seals for Building Services Engineering

  • Plumbing and heating

  • Gas supply

  • Building drainage

  • Roof drainage

  • Rainwater management

Civil Engineering

  • Drinking water supply

  • Waste water disposal

  • Gas supply

  • Cable protection

  • Rainwater drainage

  • Relining

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