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Bode GmbH

Corporate Philosophy

It is our aim to lead Bode GmbH into a successful future, building on our long history.


We develop, produce and distribute seals for piping systems. Our core competences in the following areas of application are:

  • Sewage systems

  • Supply for water, drinking water and gas

  • Process and heating technology

  • General industrial applications

Herein we want to safeguard and expand on our leading position on the market.

Our key factor for success in ensuring our future is our customers’ high degree of satisfaction. 

We want to achieve and safeguard this satisfaction through:

  • Our performance in customer service, 

  • The quality and reliability of our products, and

  • Our innovations and power of development.


To do so, we have to be able to Identify customer wishes early on and offer our customers innovative solutions to problems. We`d like to be a preferred partner and supplier to our customers and continuously maintain this position. Our corporate success is also based on our employees’ qualification and motivation. We strive to achieve a high level of employee satisfaction, loyalty and identification with Bode GmbH and the aims we define. Employee ongoing training is a key factor for this. The company’s economic efficiency and earning power must be sustainably maintained and expanded in the long term. This ensures the trust of our customers, employees and owners.


In our corporate activities, we focus on sustainable environmental protection requirements and the greatest possible conservation of resources. We want to involve all employees in avoiding energy and material wastage.

Quality, environmental and energy management is the task and responsibility of managers at all levels. Our managers involve employees in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of improvement measures. Each employee is responsible for complying with our aims in their workplace.

Compliance with our code of conduct is a must for every employee and supplier. 

Our code of conduct is available for you here

The Management Team

Bode GmbH

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